Binding Machine Options

Binding machines are used everywhere from churches, businesses to schools to bind sheets of paper into a single document. When it comes to relevant documents like reports, manuals and presentations, you want it to look as professional as possible; and a binding machine can help you achieve this.

With a variety of binding machine options available, however, how can you choose the one that best suits your needs? Do not worry, because our buying guide is here to guide you through the selection.

Binding options (Thermal, Comb & Wire):

Each binding machine is different and each offers different finishes. You get a thermal, comb and a wire binding machines. Your style requirements and the type of look you want to achieve will significantly determine your choice of binding machines.

Comb Binding

comb bindingjpg
As the most popular option today, a comb binding machine provides a traditional finish for your documents. If you are looking for a 'classic' binding style, then choose the conventional comb binding machine.

Thermal Binding

thermal bindingpng

A thermal binder offers a smooth and sleek soft look. With this style of binding, you no longer have to punch holes in the document, giving them a clean and professional finish.

Wire Binding

wire bindingpng

You can choose a wire binding machine. You can expect your wired documents to have a metallic and stylish look; if this is the case, a wire binding machine is the perfect choice for you.