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A laminator plays a key role in maintaining the professionalism and endurance of essential documents. When you laminate a piece of paper with the machine, it forms an instantaneous protective shield against moisture, stains, dirt and spills, among other reasons that may contribute to potential flaws in the document. For these reasons, laminating machine has become an asset across homes and offices.

Laminators provide a more resilient way to preserve documents. Laminating machines help to preserve paper used in documents, fabric and other kinds of media.

When shopping for a laminating machine, there are plenty of essential factors to consider. You would want to go for one that strikes the perfect balance between the different functionalities and features, such as speed, size and capacity. .

Your Office Laminating Machine Solution

It is no secret that the laminating pouch goes hand-in-hand with the laminator. Unless you are employing self adhesive laminating sheets, one can’t function without the other. At FlexiQ Systems, you can find a spectacular range of laminating sheets that serve specific purposes. If you are on the hunt for A3 laminating pouch or A4 laminating pouch in South Africa, you have arrived at the right platform.

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Whether you are procuring laminating pouch or other office products, you can be assured that the products at our one-stop e-commerce platform are the cream of the crop. Not only can you shop top-notch products at your fingertips, but you can also enjoy unparalleled wholesale prices that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore. We believe in commitment to excellence and giving only the best to our customers – so we never – ever – compromise on quality, despite the competitive prices we offer.

Top Laminating machine brands: GBC, Leitz and Fellowes

GBC Laminating Machines

Fusion 7000L A3 Laminator

The GBC Fusion 7000L A3 Laminator is constructed with a revolutionary design for efficient. Professional quality, accelerated productivity. Super-fast and easy to use, ideal for heavy use in the busy office or education environment. Next generation intelligent input sensor technology gauge the precise thickness of the pouch and contents and automatically adjusts throughput speed, with manual over-for non-standard media. Laminate using light-weight 2x75 up to heavy weight 2x250 micron thermal pouches . The result is a flawless finish.

Fusion 6000L A3 Laminator

Quality improvement, accelerated productivity. Fast and easy to use, the Fusion Plus 6000L is ideal for frequent use in the busy office or education environment. Intelligent input sensors detect the thickness of the pouch and contents and automatically adjust the throughput speed. Laminate using light-weight 2x75 up to heavy weight 2x250 micron thermal pouches. The result is a perfectly clear, flat finish.

GBC Foton 30 Auto Feed Laminating

The Foton 30 automatic laminator delivers innovative, industry leading technology that significantly improves productivity.

This lamination system is ideal for all high-volume day-to-day lamination applications. It's also ideal for manually laminating odd shapes or ad hoc pieces up to A3 size. For the first time, users can simply press a button and leave the machine to produce high quality laminated documents, every time.

Improved productivity means that you save 98% of your time compared to using traditional laminator machines; it's like having an extra pair of hands in the office!

Leitz Laminating Machines

Leitz iLAM Home Office A3 Laminating Machine

Designed to keep up with demanding office needs, the Leitz Laminating Machines bring convenience, practicality and performance together as you bring together documents and business ideas.Stylish and compact A3 laminator. Just 3 minutes warm-up time. Suitable for 80-125 microns.

Fellowes Laminating Machines

Proteus A3 Laminator - Heavy Use

  • 6 roller technology heating 4 large diameter rollers for high quality results
  • Laminates up to 250 micron pouches
  • Fully variable controls + 6 pre-set controls for popular applications
  • Laminates up to 95 cm/min (approx. 180x A4 pouches per hour)
  • Ability to laminate hot and cold, with or without carriers, mounting board and foils
  • Advanced control panel accurately monitors lamination temperature
  • Large entry shelf and cooling plate on exit shelf