Frequently asked questions about paper shredders

Best Option: Strip, Cross & Micro Cuts ?

You get different types of cuts when it comes to paper shredders. There are strips (if you are not really worried about security), cross section (The POPI act requires the use of a cross-cut shredder) and micro-cutting (is definitely the safest option available). With each type, the level of security increases as the shreds become finer. Depending on what you shred, you will be better able to determine what level of safety you need.

How can I keep my shredder in good condition?

There are a few ways to maintain your shredder machine and make it work at its best. If you are going to shred a lot, you want to make sure that you get a machine that is shredded for long periods of time without overheating.

Furthermore, it is important to use the machine oil to lubricate your machine. It should be administered every thirty minutes shredding time. There are specific products for this purpose, do not use cooking oil or any other lubricant, and think it will work the same; that type of oil will clog the machine and cause it to break down faster. In addition, to keep the blades sharp, you should occasionally run aluminum foil sheets through the shredder.

Lubrication and grinding are ways to maintain a high capacity industrial paper shredder. Furthermore, cleaning the machine is a big part of the maintenance. Cleaning the blades and emptying the shredder so that there is no cutting in the machine are essential ways to make your shredder work better. If you need to shred a lot, give it between large pulls and occasionally let it slide backwards to loosen anything trapped between the blades.

It is worth knowing how to sharpen the blades of the paper shredder and maintain them properly. Paper Shredders are very handy and help you protect your customers, employees, businesses and yourself. Take care of your products, and it will surely help you to continue the progress you have made towards better safety and a more efficient workplace.

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On-site Shredding vs. Machine: What's the best for the solution?

Some organizations prefer to shred documents themselves as it cannot be trusted as to where the information may end up, while others prefer the features that a onsite offers. The answer is mainly subjective if you weigh the options of onsite shredding versus machine: what is best for safe shredding. The security level you want to maintain will definitely tilt the scale more than the others.

On-site shredding options

Choosing a on-site shredding company requires a lot of shredding. However, you can find questions about it. You may also wonder if your sensitive documents are being destroyed.


On-site shredding services go to great lengths to protect the information you want to destroy. They usually use a transverse or confetti shredding technique that makes it impossible to reassemble the paperwork. This helps the small business to avoid liability issues related to strip fragmentation.

Reliable on-site shredding companies are insured for millions of rands to protect every party involved. If you decide to go with a on-site shredding company, proof of insurance is a sign that it is a reputable company. Before a business can shred documents, they can regularly provide lock holders to keep the information safe until it can be disposed of.


Once a shredder has cut your submitted material into small pieces, it offers a few different options. Many businesses choose to switch to an environmentally conscious shredder that will recycle the pieces of paper into new paper. With this option, shredded documents are converted to pulp almost immediately. This ensures the security of your information and improves the environment.

Paper Shredder Option

Some information is just too sensitive to remain in the care of others, even with the guarantees that are there to guarantee protection. If you allow others to shred your documents, you may be uneasy or worried. If so, it's best to just shred it yourself. A Rexel, Fellowes and Ideal Shredders offer high quality machines that do the same job as the shredder equipment would do under your supervision.


Depending on the security level of the documents you destroy, you may want to invest in a paper shredder. If you invest in the right machine yourself, you know that your privacy, your employees, your customers and your business are protected.
With the advanced cross or micro-cut shredder you choose to use, no one can reassemble the pieces to obtain appropriate data.

If you are considering on-site versus machine: what is best for safe shredding, then you can better understand it. On-site shredding are reliable, but there is always a risk if you open sensitive information to others. If you know the risks and benefits of each option, you can make the decision that suits your business.