How to Service Your Paper Shredder If you Do the Shredding Yourself

This article will outline the steps for routinely servicing your paper shredder.

If you are not confident of your ability to service your shredder, then you should contact a qualified person to do the maintenance for you.

You will need to get all of the tools that are listed below, and keep them in an easy-to-reach location in case you need them.

1) Instruction Manual

2) Screwdriver set

3) Chainsaw oil or lubricant

4) Toothbrush or wire brush

5) Clean rags or paper towels

6) Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment and nozzle brush attachment, if available.

Introduction - How You Should Handle Your Paper Shredder

If you are not sure how to deal with your paper shredder, then you should look at the best practices below.

1) Keep it clean - Paper shredders are very easy to use, but they can also be very messy. The machine can shoot out sheets of paper that are full of paper fibers that will get everywhere. Using a vacuum cleaner or a broom will help keep it more manageable.

2) Know What You Need - It's important to know what type of shredder you have before you try and do anything with it. Some require blades, some require screws, some need oil- every one is different so make sure you know what type you have before trying to clean it or make any repairs.

3) Know When You Need Attention - There are different signs that

Step 1 - Dealing with Jammed Paper

This step of this procedure manual is about how to deal with jammed paper.

I had a paper jam and I needed to get it out.

The instructions of this procedure manual can help you remove jammed paper from your shredder.

1) Press the release button on the top of the shredder and open the door to access the jammed sheet.

2) Gently pull the jammed sheet out, but be careful not to rip it.

3) Make sure that you clean up any remaining pieces that may have fallen into the unit.

4) Close and lock the door of your shredder by pressing down on it until it clicks closed in a downward motion.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Blades and Bin

In this step, you will be shredding your paper. The shredder is a machine that cuts up your papers into tiny little pieces. All of these pieces are then put into the bin. Shredders can either be in a paper bag or on top of the bin.

The blades of the shredder need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are cutting through all of your paper with ease. You will also clean the blades at the end of this step before moving on to step 3

Some things you should do when cleaning the blades include removing any jammed papers, removing any unshredded papers, and removing any small pieces that might have gotten stuck in between the blade and compartment. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose if there are small pieces in between.

How Often Should You Service Your Paper Shredder?

Occasionally, you might come across the need to shred paper for an important document. When this need arises, it is important to know how often you should service your paper shredder so that the machine is ready to shred on demand.

It is recommended by experts that you service your paper shredder at least once a year. This keeps the blades sharp and clears out any debris that has accumulated in the machine over time.