Hotels in South Africa

The Oyster Box Hotel

Depicting a perfect mingle of African, Indian as well as colonial influences in terms of style and hospitality, the Oyster Box Hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel that welcomes you to enjoy the best stay in the city of Durban, South Africa.
Located on the coast, near the old Umhlanga Lighthouse, The Oyster Box Hotel has a long history behind it that can be seen from its beautifully decorated rooms, villas and suits that have all preserved the colonial charm. The style is continued throughout The Grill Room, hotel’s fine dine restaurant, as well as the three bars, the marvelous Ocean Terrace and the exotic lush Palm Court.
The Oyster Box Hotel doesn’t only welcome you with the best sea view rooms on the coast, but also with extraordinary fresh, local and seasonal dishes at the hotel’s culinary events. The traditional afternoon tea, the evening indulgence with pastries and fresh coffee, dinner and dance every Saturday nights with live entertainment from The Stuart May Band, the incredible Asian inspired curry buffet and many other 5 star culinary events invite you to have a taste of the best foods in town.
Besides the extraordinary and extravagant foods, The Oyster Box Hotel is best known for its 5 Star room service and personnel, which makes sure your stay here is beyond expectations. If you are a wine enthusiast we’ve got you covered with the private dining wine cellar where you can taste the finest award-winning vintage wines from South Africa and around the world.
For those who want a relaxing battery charging experience, we welcome you to the hotel’s spa where you can indulge in the best spa experience in town. Body massages and treatments, Hammam and sensation showers, the plunge pool, a tranquility lounge and the healthy bar and buffet to indulge yourself even more.
The Oyster Box Hotel is not just another 5 star hotel, but one of the world’s best award-winning luxurious seaside hotels presiding the Umhlanga’s prestigious beachfront with a wonderful view toward the marvelous Indian Ocean. The Oyster Box Hotel takes pride for being voted #3 best hotel in South Africa on TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards by its very own customers.
The excellent sea view, the luxury colonial-inspired rooms, the location near the iconic Umhlanga Lighthouse, the fine dining and the impeccable personnel service are just a few of the things that recommends The Oyster Box Hotel as the perfect choice for everyone that travels to Durban and wants a taste of the best experience the city can offer.