Interactive Whiteboards

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Why should I buy an interactive smart board?

Great way to engage students in learning, improve student achievement, and strengthen parent-teacher communication.

Educational research confirms the benefits of interactive whiteboard use. Studies have shown that children learn faster when they are actively engaged in their learning process. Interactive educational boards will allow students to participate in the lesson by using their bodies and minds to create content together.

There are many other reasons why you should invest in an interactive board solution for your school or office. They offer many benefits for the classroom and beyond, such as:

- Improved student achievement

- Creates more opportunities for parent engagement

- Creates a more engaging setting for all types of learners

What are the benefits

Interactive whiteboards are emerging as an exciting new technology in the education sector. They represent a significant investment for schools, but they offer many benefits that make them worth it.

First, the interactive solution can improve teaching quality. They allow teachers to project images and videos on the board, so they can illustrate concepts with real-time examples. Teachers also have the ability to engage students through animations and interactive tasks.

Second, interactive boards create more student-centered learning environments. Students are more engaged in the environment because they feel like they can participate with their peers and teachers. The boards also allow students to take control of what they learn by giving them access to various types of content that is engaging and relevant to their interests.

Solutions for every need
An interactive whiteboard is a perfect solution for any type of meeting. Whether it's a boardroom, office, classroom, or living room, it's easy to create instant collaboration with one device.

Imagine the possibilities

What if there was a way to amplify the power of your lessons? What if you could engage your students and make them feel like they're in the moment, living the life of the story every time you tell it? That's what Parrot does.

Watch them bounce off the walls

Traditional whiteboards are just too limited. With interactive boards, you can easily show videos, images, and animations on any flat surface - giving your students a more immersive experience, while also saving you valuable prep time.

Keep up with tomorrow today

We don't want to wait until tomorrow to start using technology that will get us there faster; that's why we're focused on bringing new features to life as soon as possible.