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High-resolution display and easy photo splitting combine in Parrot's interactive whiteboard range to bring collaboration to your meeting or boardroom. Ideal for visually developing, recording and sharing ideas in multiple locations, and our whiteboards are here to increase your productivity and facilitate flexible work.

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Advantages of interactive whiteboard

The times when one person has written their opinions, thoughts and plans on the whiteboard while the rest of the participants were waiting are now gone. Participants can now be equally involved in the meetings thanks to the interactive whiteboards. They can share, access, edit and save files and present them on the whiteboard. For example, the presenter can send the presentation to the mobile devices of the people present on the meeting with only one click. The person that is responsible for the presentation can easily alter information received from the audience. Participants can also answer the question or add a suggestion right away. In other words, these meetings are interactive, more engaging and as a final result, they are more productive.

They keep the data

As previously mentioned, interactive whiteboards use data from a certain computer or mobile device. In addition, all the things that are altered or received from the participants are directly saved on the computer. This means that once the meeting or presentation is finished everyone can analyze and reuse the data. This is especially useful in cases of brainstorming sessions. Traditional whiteboards and the data placed on them are lost once the whiteboard is cleaned.

They allow the presentation of different media

There are few different media types that can be presented on an interactive whiteboard which means that the presenter can present their work in a better way. They can use an unlimited amount of complex graphics and images. This is surely a great way to keep the audience interested and leave better impressions.

Since all the participants are allowed to join the presentation at any time, most of them will be encouraged by their colleagues’ participation and they will use their creativity to come up with new ideas and suggestions.

Remember that these are only some of the benefits of using interactive whiteboards.

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution - Why Should You Invest in One?
Why do we need Interactive Whiteboards? What are they? What are their benefits?

We need Interactive Whiteboards for a variety of reasons, but here are some popular ones. First, they help create a more visual learning environment so that students can get more out of their lessons. Second, they allow students to interact with content in a hands-on way so that they can get the most from what's being taught to them. Third, Interactive Whiteboards provide teachers with an additional tool for teaching content which is especially useful in math and science classes when there are specific rules and formulas to follow.

Why Interactive Whiteboards are Essential for Students

Interactive whiteboards are a great way to enhance lessons and engage students in the lesson. They allow the teacher to create visuals and move them around on the board. They can also share information with students in different parts of the room like a PowerPoint presentation.

-How Interactive Whiteboards Promote Engagement, Collaboration, and Creativity

Interactive whiteboards are often used by teachers to enhance the classroom experience. It is a tool that has proven to improve the quality of teaching and learning. They are also great for promoting collaboration, creativity, and engagement among students.

-How Teachers Can Use an Interactive Whiteboard to Create a More Meaningful Classroom Experience

The interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a modern technology that is now widely available in most classrooms. It allows teachers to create a more meaning-full classroom experience for students by maximizing student engagement and giving students the opportunity to learn from multiple sources of media simultaneously.

There are many advantages of using an IWB in the classroom. Firstly, the IWB provides teachers with an easier way to teach difficult concepts and ideas because it allows them to present information through videos, graphics, and animations which can be easily paused, slowed down, replayed and explored. Secondly it also enhances student engagement because they can interact with what is being taught and provide feedback or thoughts on what they just heard or saw. Lastly its interactive capabilities allow students to access visual aids from anywhere in the room making it feel more like

What interactive whiteboard is best for you?

There are four features that should be considered before purchasing an interactive whiteboard. The first is the surface material, which includes different types of surfaces that can be used. The second features is size, which is determined by the space you have for installation and how many people will use it. Thirdly, all boards offer different technical capabilities and connectivity options. Lastly, the cost of the board should be taken into consideration before selecting one.

-Tips on Budgeting for Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are a great way to make your classroom interactive and engaging. With a few easy steps, you can purchase an interactive whiteboard for your classroom at a reasonable price.

- Determine how many students you have in your classroom

- Check with your school administration to see if they have any budget limitations

- Calculate the total cost of the Interactive Whiteboards by selecting from different price ranges

- Research the different brands and models of Interactive Whiteboards that are available

- Compare features and prices of different interactive whiteboards to find the best fit for your needs.

-Advice for Selecting the Best Interactive Whiteboard of Your Choice

The interactive whiteboard is a teacher’s best friend. It can be used in various ways to teach and engage students in the learning process. It makes teaching more fun and interactive for both students and teachers. Interactive whiteboards can also be used as a classroom tool to help teachers with the lesson plan, demonstrate principles, and deliver lectures.

There are many models of interactive whiteboards on the market today and it is not easy to find the one that suits your school's needs. The best way to find one is by talking to colleagues who have already invested in this technology or by getting recommendations from your local educational store.

Interactive Whiteboards Technologies, Next Level For Businesses.

FlexiQ Systems is a dealer of interactive whiteboards specifically towards educators including interactive whiteboards, projectors, short-throw projectors, and interactive LED/LCD panels. Our wide range of products for business professionals and large companies.

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Whiteboard Interactive Technologies

Interactive whiteboards Technologies will include software packages , which was designed for use in schools; or business meetingd, made for corporate customers. Each is compatible with both Windows Operating systems. Using Interactive whiteboard software, teachers can share lesson plans and ideas with each other. Interactive whiteboards also has games for children which can be played on your interactive whiteboard. While all of these are great

It’s a whole new brainstorming experience. Working together on the next big thing for your business is easy and fun when colleagues can move objects, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

A summary

All of the ideas given above make use of the most basic tools any interactive whiteboard software should possess. As long as you can write with the pen, type text, make simple shapes and insert images, you can make it. As an added benefit, it will also help to group boxes and text, or to add text quickly to a box.

With all these activities, remember that you do not have to use all the whistles and bells of your IWB software to do engaging activities. It does not require a degree in computer science to move away from using your IWB as just a screen to view videos or powerpoint.

Remember that most IWB companies allow you to install their software at home so that you can create resources away from the board and then bring them to class on a USB stick, and so on. It is actually much easier to prepare many of these things in advance the board with a mouse / keyboard.