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Brand New Out of Box Paper Shredders
POWERSHRED 485CI CROSS CUT R45,999 (*1 in Stock.)

POWERSHRED 225CI CROSS CUT R14,999 (*1 in Stock.)
*2 Year Warranty on Machine & 20 Years on the Cutters

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With a paper shredder, you can destroy paper, paper clips, staples, CDs, and credit cards. If you need to shred privacy-sensitive information, choose a shredder with a high-security standard. With the P-4 safety standard, you can shred an A4 size paper into 400+ pieces. You can manually destroy a stack of paper or choose a shredder that automatically shreds a stack of paper. If you want to shred constantly, choose a paper shredder with continuous operation. They do not need to cool down.