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Office Paper Shredder Machine

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Office Paper Shredder Machine

Office Paper Shredder Machine

Buy a Shredder machine in South Africa

Every office has its own classified documents and its imperative that you protect your corporate information by feeding all used paper to a shredder.

If you are looking for an outstanding shredder to dispose of your documents in an efficient and secure manner. Look no further than FlexiQ Systems South Africa. Boasting some of the best office machines, we provide a full suite of business solutions and office accessories.

Our shredder collection: We selling shredder machines from Fellowes, Rexel , Ideal and many more.

Furthermore, we strive to make your shopping experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. On our website, you can enjoy easy reordering, concierge purchasing and customised solutions.

Main Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Shredder Machine

• Shredders protect your customers: when you need to dispose of customer, patient or client information, a shredder can help to get rid of all crucial and private information in an efficient manner. This way, you can also ensure that sensitive information will be protected.

• Convenience: Furthermore, a shredder machine is extremely convenient! Placed at a desk or in a centralised area, all you have to do is feed the shredder all your unwanted documents. Furthermore, the shredded paper also takes up less space compared to crumpled paper.

• Beneficial for the Environment: Our paper shredders operate on energy efficient technology.

• Multifunctional Shredders: Some shredders in our collection are able to shred more than paper. They can destroy credit cards, staples, CDs as well as paper clips.