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Paper shredders is necessary for protecting confidential and sensitive information for yourself or protects your client's personal information.

Each office has its own documents and it is essential that you protect your corporate information by feeding all used paper to a shredder.

If you are looking for an outstanding shredder to dispose of your documents in an efficient and secure manner. Look no further than FlexiQ Systems. Boasting some of the best office machines, we provide a full suite of business solutions and office accessories.

Our shredder collection is extensive. We carry machines from Rexel, Fellowes, Ideal and Kobra.

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Types of paper shredders to make your job easier

You can choose one for household needs, especially if you have a child at home. Children create a lot of stationery waste. Micro-cut destroyers are available in different sizes and quantities. A 23 liter is perhaps suitable for official use and a 10 liter can be purchased for household waste. The device can shred 10-15 sheets simultaneously. The viewing slots help you keep track of the storage space. This will shred papers quickly and quietly. Office destroyers are ideal for destroying professional documents that could otherwise cause long-term loss. You can choose the one with a larger capacity than a household.

Now that we have discussed various benefits of shredding sheets instead of dumping, can we all admit that it is also a fun activity? Shredding sheets can be very satisfying and intriguing. The softness and crisp operation of the device is pleasant. Get the best paper shredder for your home and offices to get rid of all the clutter. You can teach your children to use the device, and they can develop the habit of disposing of their waste themselves. The school and office equipment asks you for pocket-friendly investments and offers you years of service. Furthermore, if you like modern home furnishings, there should be a realtor in your list