Online Webinars and Events

Online webninar 

It's you. With your team. Miles away. But online meetings can bring everyone together. Each of you can turn on a webcam, microphone and share a screen. You can also take notes, draw on a whiteboard or post comments in a chat window. The system is secure, thanks to secure access through the sign and the lock of the room from inside. But if you want to reach more people, webinars are for you. Hundreds of participants gathered. Free or paid. Direct or automatic. Does this sound good to you? It is! Enhance your presentation with Youtube videos of your choice. Then engage your audience with a captivating call-to-action button. Stay in control of real-time discussions and moderate remarks in the chat window. Stay tuned for real-time discussions and moderated comments in the chat window. At the end, display the most interesting questions with the QR mode. But if you want more interaction, divide your audience into smaller room subdivisions. Customize follow-up messages eb automate them. Thanks to ClickMeeting, you can turn your conference into an online conference. The public only needs to buy tickets to take part in the event. With great virtual events, you can broadcast your content to up to 10,000 users. More good news: all the visual elements of your event can be customized to your brand. ClickMeeting: Take your opportunities online, regardless of size.

We're a proud afflaite partner for ClickMeeting online business meeting and webinar software. Why using ClickMeeting? Hold meetings anywhere in the world. Share your knownledge with online training and courses. Connect and reach thousands of people across the globle. Download Free Trial, Today!

Attract high-converting leads.

Schedule your sales webinar and enable the registration form. Then import your leads and contacts and send out custom branded invitations for your event. Interested prospects will register to attend your webinar and learn more about your offer. Any interest they show provides initial engagement and a foundation for a relationship that you can build upon.​

Nurture their interest.​

Use your custom branded webinar to show off your solution to their problem or demonstrate how your product will meet their needs. Share your documents, presentations and screen. Illustrate your ideas on a whiteboard and engage your audience with a moderated chat (Q&A). Gather feedback with quick polls and surveys. The non-invasive format educates your prospects and helps them make an informed buying decision.

Close the deal.

Follow up with your attendees to finish the deal. Your prospects are now your happy customers! Once your deal is closed, follow up with a webinar to up-sell and cross-sell your customers . Also, analyze data and webinar statistics to find new prospects and improve your future sales webinars.

If you need to: • Collaborate online with your remote team • Teach and train virtually • Increase your sales and marketing results with product demos and webinars • Move your onsite conference or trade show to a digital world Then, ClickMeeting is your way to go! With our web conferencing platform, you can organize online get-togethers with your: • Teammates • Board members • Managers • Students • Trainees • Job applicants • Leads • Customers ClickMeeting opens you a way to move your events online no matter the scale. At a microscale, you can run online meetups with up to 25 people in the event room, where everyone has their cameras and microphones turned on and work closely in an interactive way. Level up, you can reach out to a broader audience by organizing webinars for up to a thousand attendees. While it puts you as a presenter in the center and allows you to share your content with PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, doc files, PDFs, images, and video, you can also interact with your audience through a chat or polls and surveys. What’s essential, with ClickMeeting, you can split your event into smaller, more interactive Breakout rooms, which work the same way as cozy online meetings for 25 people. Last, you can scale up your virtual event with webcasting technology and stream your content for up to 10k viewers! Ready to try our video conferencing platform out? Start your 7-day free trial today!