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A Proxy is a gateway between you (the user) and the browser. In other words think of it like a wall between 2 people, they are secure from each other and can only communicate by going to the ‘wall’ and asking the ‘wall’ to tell the other person what they want to say. In this case it is just with data and a proxy.


Some VPNs are great and others not so great. Free VPNs as you would guess are not great. They are often slow and have alot of limitations. Paid VPNs can be good for companies like ‘NordVPN’ they are trustworthy and good service. VPN service can be used for the following: Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms.

Reasons Why a VPN Is a Must for Your Business & Personal Use.

A VPN connects a user to the Internet through an encrypted tunnel. The VPN server acts as a relay between the Internet and a computer, so no third parties can see what data the ser transmits through the web. A business VPN service provider, such as NordVPN, may offer numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and small- -medium businesses. 

Secure Telecommuting

A VPN service will secure your employees' Internet connection with a layer of heavy-duty encryption. That is especially relevant if you and your team work remotely or take frequent business trips and use untrusted networks. Reading your emails at a coffee shop or using your phone's Wi-Fi to log into Facebook at an airport can potentially put you at risk, so encrypting your communications is essential.



Business Travel


If your employees go on regular overseas trips, they need to be able to access all the same websites and services they work with usually. However, many countries restrict locally accessible Internet content in one form or another. A VPN service connects you to a server in your home country, so your IP address will look as if you are currently in that country, while you actually may be thousands of miles away.




The range of modern online crime means that you have to be cautious at every turn. A VPN service provides an extra layer of encryption for your browsing activity, financial transactions, etc. Furthermore, bear in mind that not all VPNs have the same features. Look for one that offers reliable security protocols, such as OpenVPN or IKEv2/lPsec, and has extra security options, like malware or botnet blocking.


Safe Browsing for Your Customers


If you own a coffee shop or another business where offering free Wi-Fi to your clients is a good idea, monitoring the security of the network is vital. The best way to do so is setting up a VPN to secure your router and encrypt your customers' online activity. Although not all VPN services provide this option, NordVPN has a guide on how to configure VPN on your router and even offers its own branded routers.




Testing Many websites and services display different results based on where you are located. For instance, Google's interface and search results vary depending not only on the country but even on the precise locality. A VPN service allows you to hide and replace your IP address so you can seem to be browsing from another country. That helps you make sure that any location-based services you're using are working correctly.


Ways how to protect your company against ddos and cyber attacks

As a small business owner, I know how time is just as precious as your business. Secure your business against cyber-attacks that are straightforward, fast and easy.


First of all not everything that is recommended here is free, most free programs are either not worth your time or are strictly limited to what you can do for a certain amount of time.


You can start with a simple step and it is to change your passwords and make it more complicated. Remember that all your different accounts MUST have different passwords.


You can use a program that is called ‘Last Pass’ it acts as a virtual “vault” for all your passwords. You only need one master password to unlock all your other passwords.


Don’t forget to secure your hardware. Download locator apps that help locate stolen devices easily.

Data breaches commonly occur due to stolen devices so guard your hardware with cameras or other techniques.


Make sure all your software is updated. Companies make sure that their users' accounts are not ‘easy’ to hack meaning software updates can up your security to prevent breaches that could have been easy to attempt in the past.


Your business security is never completed without a VPN. VPN’s is the go-to to help against DDos attacks known as ‘Distributed denial of service’ it is an attack that shuts down your internet by the attacker sending too many packets to your router for it to handle.


A good VPN is “Nordvpn” it does it’s job well and from personal use can see nothing wrong with it.


-Finally have a backup plan for disaster. Never think that even when you try your best that you won’t get attacked for in case you do.


For more tips and advice on topics like these, don’t forget to check this space for future updates.

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