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Leitz Wow Office Stapler

This Leitz metal stapler is available in catwalk colors for everyday use. Patented direct impact technology ensures perfect staples every time

. Attach 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm)
. Effortless, accurate stapling with patented direct impact technology.
. Rotating anvil allows open and closed staples, 180 degree opening enables nail function
. Give your workplace or your home the WOW factor with this range of products in striking and stylish colors
. For Leitz Power Performance P3 staples, 24/6 and 26/6 staple packages are included
. Convenient integrated stack remover
. 10 year warranty on the use of Leitz staples

Heavy Duty Paper Staplers Options

The usual everyday staple can be frustrating if you try to staple many pieces of paper at once. This means you can take twice as long to staple paperwork together as needed. Do not be satisfied with second-class stacking machines; our top range of stylishly designed Heavy Duty staples makes life a lot easier.

These staples have a greater stapling ability to take longer staples so they can print a greater number of sheets. Our range of large office staples has the ability to attach up to 100 sheets of paper simultaneously when used with the right staples.

If you are struggling to find the Heavy Duty Paper Stapler you need, please contact us. Our experienced team will help you find what you are looking for.