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Powis Binding Machine & Strips

There are many ways to create a high quality final product. Focusing on offering only the best that the industry has to offer, FlexiQ Systems offers a range of Fastback® binding supplies to help you create something durable and pleasing in appearance. These strips are designed to work with the Fastback binding machines and are the perfect way to ensure a sturdy construction in the final product. The quality Powis binding strips are very easy to use and create a flat finished book that is ideal for presentations, email address and so much more. The tape strip is applied to the spine of your book block, which is a fast and beautifully bound book. This binding method is very popular because of how easy it is to do without punching or rubbing paper. In just 20 seconds, you can wrap a Powis Fastback® Super Strip, combined with a compatible Fastback binding machine, a clean and professional paperback. Powis strips come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, allowing you to create a variety of book sizes; there are even options that can be printed on demand for unique branding opportunities.

We focus on providing products of the highest quality at affordable prices, and our inventory contains several choices that incorporate the distinctive quality of this brand and solution. These Powis tie strips are available in a variety of colors, and are narrow, medium and wide available to provide a sturdy and secure placement for spines of different sizes. Whether you are looking for the popular Super Strips or strips that you can customize, we have the Fastback® binding supplies you need to ensure a secure hold for a lasting end result. Find everything you need in this convenient choice of affordable solutions

Fastback Super Strips are compatible with the Fastback Model 20 binding machine and have a fabric of fabric linen. They offer a quick and easy solution for tape binding. As with the other Powis binding strips, they feature unique adhesive tape technology that creates a very strong hold while also delivering a professional and clean book. You can buy Fastback Super Strips online for the Model 20 in different colors, in 28cm lengths and in narrow, medium or wide widths. Because it is a backbone strip, it also means that you can customize your front and back cover. for your specific needs, whether you use a clear glossy cover to see your first page, or a custom cover, the options are endless

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