GBC 3600 Pro Series A3

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Introducing the GBC 3600 Pro Series A3 Laminator – your go-to solution for a professional finish on all your printed materials. This high-speed, high-volume laminator can handle a wide range of printed materials up to 3mm thick and A3 size. With clear instructions and six-roller technology, you'll achieve perfect results every time.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Versatile Lamination: Laminates ID to A3 documents up to 3mm thick, accommodating various sizes and types of printed materials.

  2. Wide Range of Pouch Options: Compatible with lightweight 38-micron to heavy-duty 250-micron pouches, offering varying levels of protection and durability.

  3. Customizable Settings: Features 9 speed settings with variable temperature control, allowing for optimal lamination on every project.

  4. Pouch Carrier: Comes with a pouch carrier for irregular-shaped items and non-standard media, ensuring easy lamination for all your unique materials.

  5. User-Friendly Digital Display: Offers an easy-to-follow settings guide on the digital display, simplifying the lamination process for users of all skill levels.

  6. Memory Pre-Sets: Includes 2 memory pre-sets for frequently used settings, streamlining the lamination process and increasing efficiency.

  7. Reverse Action: Equipped with a reverse action function for correcting misfeeds, saving time and reducing waste.

  8. High-Speed Lamination: The 6-roller technology ensures ultra-fast, high-quality results, capable of laminating over 275 A4 documents in just 1 hour.

Upgrade your workspace and give your printed materials the professional touch they deserve with the GBC 3600 Pro Series A3 Laminator. Don't wait to take your document protection and presentation to the next level – order now and experience the difference!

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