GBC 4600 Pro Series A2 Copy Shop

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Introducing the GBC 4600 Pro Series A2 Copy Shop Laminator – the ultimate solution for professional-grade, high-volume lamination. With its six-roller technology, this powerful machine delivers exceptional quality without compromising on speed. Its user-friendly controls make it simple to choose the right speed and temperature for your needs, ensuring perfect results every time.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Wide Range of Document Sizes: Laminates from ID to A2 documents up to 3mm thick, providing versatility for all your lamination needs.

  2. Multiple Pouch Options: Compatible with lightweight 38-micron to heavy-duty 250-micron pouches, catering to various levels of durability and protection.

  3. Customizable Settings: Offers 9 speed settings with variable temperature control, ensuring optimal lamination for every project.

  4. Pouch Carrier: Includes a pouch carrier for irregular-shaped items and non-standard media, making it easy to laminate unique and challenging materials.

  5. Digital Display: Features a digital display with an easy-to-follow settings guide, simplifying the lamination process for users of all skill levels.

  6. Memory Pre-Sets: Comes with 2 memory pre-sets for frequently used settings, streamlining the lamination process and increasing efficiency.

  7. Reverse Action: Includes a reverse action function for correcting misfeeds, saving time and reducing wasted materials.

  8. High-Speed Lamination: The 6-roller technology ensures ultra-fast, high-quality results, capable of laminating 2 A4 documents side by side and over 550 documents in just 1 hour.

Don't compromise on speed or quality when it comes to your lamination needs. Upgrade your workspace with the GBC 4600 Pro Series A2 Copy Shop Laminator and experience professional-level performance in the convenience of your own office. Order now and elevate your document protection and presentation to new heights!

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