Leitz iLam Touch Turbo A3

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Protect Your Documents and Photos with the Automatic A3 High Speed Premium Laminator

Key Features

  • Smart sensor technology for perfect results — automatically selects the best speed for the thickness of the pouch
  • 1500 mm/min laminating speed — laminates documents and photos quickly and easily
  • 1-minute warm-up time — no need to wait long to start laminating
  • Easy feed system and unique patented fold out flaps — for consistent, high-quality laminations
  • Auto reverse function prevents jamming — prevents your documents and photos from getting damaged
  • Suitable for 80-250 micron pouches — accommodates a variety of document and photo sizes
  • Takes approximately 20 seconds to laminate one 80 micron A4 sheet — saves you time and effort
  • Includes free pouches starter kit — get started laminating right away
  • 3-year warranty — backed by our confidence in the product


  • Protect your documents and photos from damage — the laminator's smart sensor technology and 1500 mm/min laminating speed ensure that your documents and photos are protected from scratches, tears, and other damage
  • Make your documents and photos more durable — the laminator's lamination process adds a protective layer to your documents and photos, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear
  • Add a professional touch to your documents and photos — the laminator's lamination process gives your documents and photos a professional, finished look
  • Create lasting memories — the laminator's lamination process helps to preserve your documents and photos for years to come

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