Rexel Momentum Extra XP418+

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Rexel Momentum XP418+ Paper Shredder: The Ultimate Jam-Free Shredding Solution for Busy Offices

Elevate your office's document security with Rexel Momentum's Extra Jam-Free Paper Shredders. The XP418+ shredder machine is designed specifically for busy office environments, offering a range of benefits that ensure efficient and secure disposal of your confidential documents. Experience hassle-free shredding with this innovative machine that eliminates paper jams and misfeeds.

Key Benefits:

  1. High Sheet Capacity: Shred up to 18 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper in one go, making the XP418+ perfect for handling a substantial volume of documents in busy office settings.

  2. P-4 Cross-Cut Shredding: Your sensitive documents will be shredded into P-4 (4x35mm) cross-cut pieces, providing a high level of security and protection against identity theft or corporate espionage.

  3. Active Sensing Technology: This advanced technology measures the number of sheets being fed in real-time, preventing paper jams and misfeeds. The control panel features a red LED indicator that alerts you when the maximum sheet capacity is reached, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

  4. Continuous Run Time: Designed for moderate to heavy use, the XP418+ boasts a continuous run time, perfect for demanding office environments where uninterrupted shredding is essential.

  5. Large Bin Size: The 45L bin capacity allows for less frequent emptying, saving you time and effort. The bin features a cabinet door for easy emptying and can hold up to 400 A4 sheets.

  6. Multi-Material Shredding: Safely shred staples, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards through a separate feed slot, eliminating the need to sort and remove these items beforehand.

  7. Touch Control Panel & Quiet Operation: The user-friendly touch control panel makes operation effortless, while the 55 dBA ultra-quiet noise level ensures minimal disruption in the workplace.

  8. Eco Mode & Warranty: The XP418+ features an eco mode to save power when not in use and comes with a 2-year warranty, including a 2-year cutter warranty for your peace of mind.

Choose Rexel Momentum XP418+ Paper Shredder for a jam-free, efficient, and secure shredding solution in your office. Enhance productivity and document security with this powerful and innovative machine. Order your XP418+ today and experience the benefits of hassle-free, reliable document disposal.

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