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Heavy Duty Shredder Machine Price

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Shredder Solution for Heavy Duty Offices

Heavy duty paper shredders are even more important in industries subject to large companies. To comply with the strict POPI ACT, proper disposal of sensitive information is essential, and a reliable shredder is the only way to go.

A large, heavy paper shredder with a large capacity can shred from 30 sheets in one pass to 50+ sheets at one time. Our heavy, large, cross-cut shredders are designed to withstand large amounts of shredding and are an excellent investment. These industrial, heavy shredders will last your business 5-10 years (if properly maintained). Do you have a lot of rubbish bins crumpled paper? Use an Industrial Hopper Paper Shredder to shred crumpled paper in seconds.

Are you looking for an Office Paper Shredder to shred sensitive high volume documents? Here we have available huge large paper shredders from the world's major brands. Get following High Volume Capacity, Large Paper Shredders with the best possible price.

When you purchase a office shredders you are sure to get a long lasting items when compared to a low cost machines. If you need help buying a large office shredder in South Africa, we are here to help you.