Glass Whiteboards: Clarity & Efficiency

FlexiQ Systems is the leading supplier of glass whiteboards in South Africa. We offer a wide range of glass whiteboards to suit your needs and budget. Our glass whiteboards are made from high quality materials and are designed to last.

H2: Experience the Difference: Glass Whiteboards vs. Traditional

  • Crystal-Clear Visuals: No ghosting or staining like old whiteboards.
  • Smooth, Effortless Writing: Premium glass surface for fluid idea flow.
  • Lifetime Investment: Replaces multiple worn-out traditional boards.
  • Sleek & Modern Aesthetic: Enhances any office or workspace.

Sustainable Choice: Built to Last and Minimize Waste

Choose an environmentally conscious workspace solution with our glass whiteboards. Their long lifespan reduces waste compared to frequently replaced traditional whiteboards. Plus, they're compatible with dry-erase markers, eliminating the need for disposable wipes or cleaning solutions.

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