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Newline Interactive Display

Newline Interactive Display is the most versatile, user-friendly, and affordable interactive display with Android operating system in the market.

Design for everyone

Designed to make life easier for presenters. With its 20-point multi-touch screen, intuitive interface, and 3 years warranty, it's perfect for sales meetings, presentations, training sessions, design reviews - you name it!

A wide variety of features

Newline Interactive Display offers a broad range of features that include 65", 75" and 86" displays with 4K resolution and Android 8 operating system. It also comes with a 3GB RAM which ensures smooth performance and speedy multitasking.

Broadcast & Display Management Software

In addition to the product's excellent features, Newline Interactive Display is bundled with Newline Cast which makes it easier to connect to another display wirelessly. In addition, Newline Broadcast is included which will broadcast your content from your mobile device onto your screen.