Auto Feed Shredders

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Have too much paper? We have the answer for you. Auto feed shredders, hands-free. Order today!

Spend less time shredding and more time doing.

Auto-feed shredders are the fastest way to shred, saving you 98% of the time it would take to manually do the same job.

98% less time shredding

With our auto feed shredders, you spend less time shredding. Simply sleck, shut and walk away! Choosing auto feed will improve productivity and save money by reducing the time spent shredding.

Less time shredding saves time and money.

Auto Feed shredding allows stacks of paper to be shredded in or rather than being fed manually, saving time and increasing productivity.

Stop wasting time with tedious tasks.

Choose auto feed shredders for a smarter way to shred. Reduce your time and maximize your productivity. With remote notifications and management, you'll never have to worry about a pile of paper again.