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Get competitive prices for Rexel paper shredders in South Africa. We are South Africas leading Rexel shredder supplier with óver 17 years experience in the shredder market. 
Rexel RSX Shredder, Rexel RDX1850 Shredder, Rexel RSX1538 Shredder, Rexel RSX1834 shredder, Rexel X415 Momentum Shredder, Rexel Auto+ 750x Shredder, Rexel Auto+ 200X Shredder, Rexel Auto+ 130X Shredder, Rexel Auto+ 600X Shredder.  When you purchase genuine Rexel shredders you are sure to get a long lasting items when compared to a low cost machines. If you need help buying a Rexel shredder in South Africa, we are here to help you.

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