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Wire Binding Machines 

Large selection and competitive prices on wire binding machines.

Wire binding machines at competitive prices

Wire Binding Machine Options

For the various purposes, the wire binding machine meets the needs of people. According to the use, it can be divided into a manual punch binding machine and an electric punch binding machine.

According to the usage scenario, it can be divided into the professional binding machine used by the printing organization, and the solo binding machine used by a family or a small office.

To meet the needs of customers for thinner and thicker books, our machine combines two sizes of iron wire binding machines, 2: 1 (23 holes) and 3: 1 (34 holes). Maximize the customer 1 machine to achieve a variety of features, convenient for customers to use, more cost effective.

The iron wire of the wire binding machine, also known as double wire, is generally divided into two types 2: 1 (23 holes) and 3: 1 (34 holes).

2: 1 wire binding machine - A4 paper (297 mm) with 23 holes.

3: 1 wire binding machine - A4 size (297 mm) with 34 holes.

2: 1 means two holes in an inch, and 3: 1 means three holes in an inch.

3: 1 binding machine for iron ring binding, more delicate, suitable for binding light documents, suitable for general design institutes, planning bureau or small and medium-sized printing centers; The 2: 1 is suitable for binding thicker documents.