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Sit-Stand Desk Adjustable

Best Deals on Sit Stand Adjustable Desks

Why is a sit-stand adjustable desk so unique?

Employees at the desk sit for hours at their desk, hunched over behind a screen every day. Man The body is not meant to stay still or sit for long periods of time of time; it has been proven that long periods of sitting has a major negative effect on our health and wellbeing. It is clear that the use of a standing desk is significant increases mood, with workers reporting lower stress levels and higher energy levels. Switch between standing and put increases blood flow and can help back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. A standing desk can also help shrink the waist. Simply by getting up to complete an afternoon's work, a person can burn about 170 more calories than if they sit. During a work week it adds up to 850 calories! A healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce.


• Save time and money – simply fold out the legs and lock into place with patent-pending SwiftLok™ design
• Premium, Feather-Lift™ control paddle with four programmable memory settings
• No tool attachment to new or existing work surfaces with VersaTop Clamps™ (traditional mounting hardware also included), accommodates tops 1219 - 1829mm wide
• Maximum height adjustability with 3-Stage legs, 640 – 1257mm • Built in collision detection safety feature • Adjusts at 36mm per second with 100kgs lifting capacity
• Easily manage cables with included cable tray

The office environment in South Africa is changing rapidly. Companies and business are taking decent step to put their employees’ health first. Join the movement to redefine your office environment by ordering our sit stand desks.

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Transform your sedentary desk into a dynamic sit-stand workstation and add movement to your working day to stay active and healthy. Easily transition from sitting to standing with gas spring height adjustment. Flexible set up; spacious top platform holds two monitors or a laptop – and bottom level fits a keyboard and mouse perfectly
Keep your phone or other accessories within easy reach with the convenient device channel on top platform. Arrives fully assembled.