Foton 30 Laminator

Foton 30 automatic laminator

The Foton 30 automatic laminator delivers innovative, industry leading technology that significantly improves productivity.

Simple and easy-to-use, the Foton 30 A3 laminator is perfect for any high volume day-to-day lamination requirements. It's also ideal for manually laminating odd shapes or ad hoc pieces up to A3 size. For the first time, users can simply press a button and leave the machine to produce high quality laminated documents, every time.

Improved productivity means that you save 98% of your time compared to using traditional laminator machines; it's like having an extra pair of hands to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a fast warm up time o


The Foton 30 is an ideal solution for any business looking to expand their operations. It's fully automated and requires no manual attention, making it the finest option for expanding any firm.

Gloss Film Cartridge

The Foton 30 laminator has a unique replacement lamination roll cartridge that makes changing it quick and easy. The lamination procedure is efficient and highly productive thanks to auto feed paper technology and the unique roller unit.

The lamination machine's sophisticated sensors identify the document and film thickness, and it automatically adjusts its settings, resulting in flawlessly laminated documents every time.

Key Benefits

  • No feeding pouches individually
  • No waiting for the machine to warm-up
  • x A4 or A3 sheets in one go
  • Perfect lamination, every time

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