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Leitz IQ Autofeed Office Pro 600 Shredder

If you're looking for a high-quality, long-running paper shredder, the Leitz Autofeed 600 is a great option. This auto feed shredder can handle up to 600 sheets of A4 paper at once, and it produces security P4 (4x28mm) cross cut pieces. Plus, the large 110L waste basket ensures that you won't have to empty it often. Thanks to its quiet operation and top-of-the-class performance, the Leitz Autofeed 600 is perfect for any home or office. So, if you're in need of a reliable paper shredder, be sure to check out the Leitz Autofeed 600. You won't be disappointed.

The benefits of an auto feed shredder over a traditional manual feed shredder is the time saved and ease of use. With an auto feed shredder, you simply put the paper in the designated spot and it will automatically start shredding. This is a great option if you have a lot of paper to shred or if you want to save time. Additionally, auto feed shredders are typically much quieter than traditional manual feed shredders, so they're ideal for homes or offices where noise might be an issue.

For 600 sheets of A4, manual slot for up to 15 sheets (80 gsm), and AutoFeed shredder mechanism

To prevent paper shreds from falling behind the bin when it is pulled out, there is a smooth clean empty feature (cutters reverse after each use).

The infrared bin sensor is also capable of detecting when the container is full, as well as issuing an 80% full warning to urge users to empty it in order to prevent a mess.

Ultra quiet operation - for a calm working environmemt (when using Leitz oil papers regularily)

Paper jam prevention via anti-jam function, which immediately stops and reverses the paper out when too much is inserted

The shredder can also be used for continuous 240 minutes, allowing the entire chamber to be destroyed in one go. After three minutes of non-use, ECO sleep mode activates.

Security DIN P4 cross cut (4x36mm). The windowless design conceals paper particles securely inside the shredder machine until bin emptied.

Large 110L high capacity cabinet bin allowing the full chamber to be shredded

Touch-Control - simple and intuitive for easy operation with pin code lock for ultimate confidence and security

Also shreds credit cards, staples and paper clips; easy to move the machine around thanks to four high quality wheels

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