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Document Binding Machines

Here at FlexiQ Systems we have a fantastic range of high quality plastic comb binders, wire ring binders and thermal binders for incredible prices. 

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First impressions are important. When you worked hard on a project and time and if you enter into your presentation, you must give it the professional finish it deserves to give the greatest impact. Binding is the perfect way for you

Comb Binding Machines

• Cost effective and fast
• Documents are easy to use; they can be opened. out so that they are easy to read and copy.
They are ideal for presentations
• Can easily add and remove pages

Wire Binding Machines

• Secure documents, can not be reopened
• Create the same durable look that by professional printers
• Documents can be opened in such a way that easy to read and photocopy and is ideal for presentations.

Thermal Binding Machines

• Neat and easy to store, wear round and post.
• Quick and easy; ideal binding method when time is limited.
• Create a professional finish without hitting gate in your document The most popular and economical binding system. 

Which binding machine to buy?

How To Select A Binding Machine?

  1. What type of binding do you want? (Comb, Wire, Comb & Wire Combination or Thermal Bind)
  2. Do you want a Manual Punch or Electric Punch? (For higher volume or convenience, it's recommended for electric punch)
  3. What is the maximum thickness or sheets of your book?
  4. What is the size of your books? (A5, A4 or A3 Size)
  5. How much binding do you do? (Books per month)

Comb Bind Manual Punch

If you are only looking to bind occasionally then manual machine is more specific to your needs. Manual machines punch the holes by pushing down on a lever and it then stretches the comb allowing you to slot your perforated documents into the spine of the plastic comb.

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