Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

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There are various questions about buying paper shredders, especially for office use. Every office has its needs when reliable documents needs to be destroyed. The first question you need to ask yourself is how much the shredder will be use in the organization and how many sheets will be shredded on average per day. For any large business that shreds a lot, we would recommend buying a shredder that works continuously with a large motor that can handle the pressure. For businesses that normally shred less than 1,000 sheets a day, a medium paper shredder we'll recommended one between R15,000 to R25,000, depending on various factors, such as security levels. For the not so busy business user we'll recommended a shredder of between R2500 and R6000 also all depends on different factors. For the busy home user who runs a micro business we would recommend buying a shredder between R1500 and R2500, but for the normal home user we personally think model below R1500 will be good enough.

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