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All You Need To Know About Shredding Machines.

Paper shredding plays a very important role in many different ways. From securing confidential information to helping the environment, paper shredding helps a lot. Let's look at the benefits of a shredder machine

Information protection: Whether it is a business document or some very critical client information, it is always very important to discard the documents carefully in order to avoid information theft. Even according to law under the new POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act), Confidential waste should be shredded before being discarded to make sure that the information is not being stolen or going in the wrong hands for unethical purposes. After being shredded in a Shredding Machine, it is impossible to regroup the document and you can be sure that the information is safe.

Shredding papers can even increase the environmental credentials of your business. By doing this, the customers and clients know that you and your business care about the environment and the issues surrounding this issue. You can recycle and save a large amount of paper by shredding it and reaping various benefits from it, such as maintaining confidentiality, helping the environment, saving space and increasing your overall reputation.

Different types of shredder machines

There are  on the market these days. Choose the best paper shredder based on your requirements, such as the number of sheets shredded, the frequency of use and the space available. The paper shredder machine has many variations, based on the A3 and A4 sheet destruction capabilities, power consumption, safety and protection of the equipment, types of sheet material that can be cut and machine dimensions. The price of the paper shredder may differ depending on the make and model you choose.

From home shredder machines and small office paper shredder to high level paper shredder, you have a wide range of options. You can also choose the best shredder machine according to the type of cut. Three types of cuts are most commonly used — strip, cross, and micro cuts. The strip machine cuts paper into long strips and is used for basic shredding. The 12-sheet cross-cut paper shredding machines cut paper into a cross, small cuts for safer shredding. The micro-cut shredders offer the highest level of safety, while the papers are cut into small, confetti-like sizes.

Best Small Office Shredding Machine Prices at FlexiQ Systems

Small Office shredding machines are very popular because of their convenient size. They can be easily placed on a tabletop to save space and can be used when needed, without having to find a special place to fix this shredder. Whether you opt for the industrial paper shredder or a heavy paper shredder without a basket, get only the best deals and discounts at FlexiQ Systems. Rest assured that FlexiQ Systems offers you the best mini paper shredder price in the market and also offers you the benefit of easy payment options

Office paper shredders are very popular due to their convenient size. They can be easily placed over a desktop table to save space and used whenever required without having to find a special place for fixing this shredder machine. Whether you opt for the industrial paper shredder machine or a heavy-duty paper shredder without basket, get the best deals and discounts only at FlexiQ Systems. Rest assured that FlexiQ Systems will provide you the best mini paper shredder price in the market and also give you the advantage of easy payment options.

POPI Guide 2021.pdf

Shredding Machines POPI Guide

How to avoid paperwork breaches  Introducing clear rules about the use of paper documents containing information about an identifiable person and their personal data - defining what is “personal” - and then the process for correct shredding of documents - based on the sensitivity of the data contained - is the first step towards compliance. A clear and firm document shredding policy is required supported by robust POPI compliance process.