Rexel Optimum Auto+ 750X Cross-Cut Shredder

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Confidently keep sensitive documents private.

With an auto feed paper shredder, you don't have to worry about security or the time it takes to manually shred stacks of paper. The Optimum AutoFeed+ 750X will do all that for you automatically.

The only shredder you'll ever need.

Put safety first with the AutoFeed+ 750X, a cross cut shredder that automatically shreds up to 750x A4 sheets of paper (80gsm) at a time, into P-4 (4x30mm) cross cut pieces. This auto feed shredder is a sophisticated office shredder, featuring a 140L pull out bin. No need to manually feed paper, or remove staples and paper

Say goodbye to manual feeding.

Say goodbye to manual feeding and long, tedious shredding sessions with this auto feed paper shredder. It will automatically shred up to 750 sheets of paper into 4x30mm cross cut pieces with no need for manual feeding or pulling out staples and paper clips first. Just load the machine up with a stack of papers, select the type of cross cut you want, and get back to work!

Cut paper clutter.

Cut through your paper clutter and get rid of unwanted items with the Optimum AutoFeed+ 750X, which can shred up to 750x (750 sheets) A4 sheets at a time into P-4 (4x30mm cross cut pieces). This powerful office shredder machine is great for staying on top of all your personal and professional paperwork, so you don't have to go through everything manually.

Save time, no hassle

The Optimum AutoFeed+ 750X shredder is an office shredder that automatically operates. No need to manually feed paper, or remove staples and paper clips first. This auto feed cross cut shredder will do all the work for you.

Aren’t you tired of wasting time, money, and energy on paper shredding?