Rexel Paper Shredders

Rexel Paper Shredders in South Africa

Protect your business’ data with an efficient, high-security shredder machine. We offer a full spectrum of machines for use in a variety of environments, from home offices to secure government installations. Whether you simply need an economical way to dispose of old documents, or a secure method of destruction for everything from credit cards to optical media to bound documents, we have a solution for you.

FlexiQ Systems s is proud to offer Rexel shredders at competitive prices.  If you’re looking for an economical, secure document destruction solution for your business, just contact us. We can you offer a range of affordable shredders that provide the features you need. 

Sefely Destroy Documents of any size and type

Depending on the specific nature of your work, the sensitivity of your data and the applicability of information security regulations and legislation, you may require either a very basic strip-cut shredder or a high-security particle-cut unit. Whatever your organisation’s needs, FlexiQ Systme cc can provide you with a Rexel shredder machine that fits within your budget and meets your security requirements in South Africa.

Many of our Rexel shredders offer additional features such as continuous shredding of hundreds of sheets, intelligent locking systems to prevent data theft and the ability to shred sheets with wrinkles, staples and even paper clips. Equip your home of office with the best and choose from the team at FlexiQ Systems cc

Rexel Auto Feed Shredders

98% Time Saving

Auto Feed ensures shredding is easy and not time consuming, saving 98% of time compared to manual shredding.1

Shred in Batches

Shred in Batches

AutoFeed shredding is a direct response to research showing that 53% of office workers shred in batches.3

Lockable Chamber

Lockable Chamber

On larger models you can PIN lock the machine whilst it shreds; for added security and peace of mind.

GDPR Compliance

It couldn't be easier for employees to comply with your paper security policy. Simply load a stack of paper, shut the lid and you're done!