Shredder Buying Guide

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Shred confidential and sensitive documents at home or in the office with a shredder from FlexiQ Systems cc. Our selection of shredders will protect you and your business from identity theft and fraud, no matter what your needs are. Choose from popular brands such as Rexel, Ideal, Fellowes, and more.

When buying a shredder, what should I consider?

Consider what you will use your shredder for. Is there any mail you'd like to get rid of? Do you have confidential client information? Do you plan on using it throughout the day? Every week or every two weeks? We will take you through this introduction to shredders keeping these things in mind.

What are the different types of Shredders?

From most basic to most advanced, here are three main types of cuts to consider.

Strip-cut Shredders

By shredding your documents in a long, vertical strip, these shredders provide a basic level of security. For everyday documents or mail that contains no sensitive information.

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Cross-cut Shredders

The cross-cut shredder cuts paper both longitudinally and crosswise, adding an extra layer of security. They’re ideal for personal information of a non-sensitive nature.

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Micro-cut Shredders

Micro-cut shredders are ideal for securely shredding sensitive documents, such as medical or financial records. Using confetti-like particles, your documents are significantly less likely to be reassembled.

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Shredder Bin Size

The size of the bin is also an important consideration. If the shredder bin is too small, you will have to empty it often. If the bin is too large, the shredded paper may not be as secure.

Shredder Speed

How quickly the shredder can destroy documents is also something to consider. If you need to quickly shred a lot of documents, look for a high-speed shredder.

Shredder Noise

Some people find the noise that paper shredders make annoying. If this is a concern for you, look for a low-noise model.

Security level

Another consideration is the security level of the shredder. The higher the security level, the more difficult it is to reconstruct documents that have been shredded.

Avoid no name brand shredders

When shopping for a paper shredder, avoid no name brand shredders. These shredders may be less expensive, but they are not as durable or reliable as name brand shredders.

Office shredders come in different sizes as well. If you only have a small amount of paper to shred, an office desk top model may be

Autofeed shredder good option for an office

With a lot of paper to shred. If you have a high-capacity shredder, it will be able to shred large documents quickly.