Electric Projector Screen 1830*1830mm (View: 1780*1780mm - 1:1)

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Introducing our top-of-the-line Electric Projector Screen, the perfect solution for your home cinema, office, or conference room needs. With a generous size of 1830 x 1830mm and a viewing area of 1780 x 1780mm, this 1:1 aspect ratio screen delivers an outstanding visual experience tailored to your needs.

Quiet, Secure, and Precise Motor

Our cutting-edge motor system ensures that the screen operates smoothly, silently, and securely at all times. Whether you're hosting a movie night or delivering a professional presentation, the whisper-quiet motor allows you to concentrate on the content without any unwanted disturbances.

Wrinkle-Free, Flame Retardant, and Mildew Resistant

The Electric Projector Screen has been expertly crafted with a high-quality fabric that remains wrinkle-free, guaranteeing a consistently smooth and taut surface for optimal image projection. The screen's flame retardant and mildew resistant properties offer peace of mind and durability, allowing you to enjoy your screen for years to come.

Elegant Black Frame and Black Backed Screen

The screen features a sophisticated black frame that not only complements any setting but also enhances the contrast and colour accuracy of your projected images. The black backed screen prevents light penetration, maintaining a crisp, vibrant image that will truly captivate your audience.

Remote and Wall-Mounted

Controls Included.

For added convenience, the Electric Projector Screen comes with both remote and wall-mounted controls, allowing you to effortlessly operate your screen from anywhere in the room. Switch between your presentations or favourite movies with ease and enjoy the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Key Benefits:

  1. Whisper-quiet motor operation for a distraction-free experience
  2. Wrinkle-free fabric for consistently smooth image projection
  3. Flame retardant and mildew resistant material for added safety and longevity
  4. Stylish black frame enhances contrast and colour accuracy
  5. Black backed screen ensures crisp, vibrant images
  6. Remote and wall-mounted controls for easy operation

Upgrade to our premium Electric Projector Screen today and transform your visual experience to new heights. Perfect for home cinemas, offices, and conference rooms, this screen's exceptional quality, durability, and performance will impress you and your audience time and time again. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your viewing experience with our Electric Projector Screen. Order now and enjoy a seamless and extraordinary visual experience every time. 

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