Fellowes Powershred LX210 Mini Cut

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Fellowes Powershred LX210 Mini Cut

Experience a new level of productivity with the cutting-edge Next-Gen Shredder, featuring 100% Jam Proof performance to ensure your work proceeds smoothly. The innovative IntelliBar monitors usage and provides real-time feedback, helping you avoid interruptions by alerting you when bin capacity or sheet limit is approaching, or when the run time is near its limit. Enjoy added peace of mind with Safesense® Technology, making it an ideal choice for home use, and conserve energy with Sleep Mode, which automatically powers down the shredder during periods of inactivity.

Transform your sensitive documents into unrecognizable particles with the high-security Mini-cut feature, shredding each A4 sheet into over 1000 pieces (4x10mm P-4). The versatile shredder tackles up to 16 sheets per pass and 1000 sheets daily, handling paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards with ease.

Key Benefits of the Next-Gen Shredder:

  1. Unmatched productivity with 100% Jam Proof performance
  2. Intelligent performance monitoring via the patent-pending IntelliBar
  3. Enhanced safety with Safesense® Technology
  4. Energy-efficient Sleep Mode
  5. High-security Mini-cut shredding for sensitive data

Features for Optimal Performance:

  • Shreds up to 16 sheets per pass & 1000 sheets daily
  • Versatile shredding: Paper, Staples, Paperclips, Credit Cards
  • Security Level: 4x12mm Micro Cut / DIN P-4
  • Entry Throat: 230mm (A4)
  • Bin Capacity: 23 liters (approx. 500 sheets)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 358x297x535mm

Upgrade to the Next-Gen Shredder today to reap the benefits of advanced shredding technology. Don't wait—improve your document disposal process and ensure your sensitive information remains secure. Act now!

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