GBC ThermaBind T200

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Introducing the GBC T200 Thermal Binder

Discover the GBC T200 thermal binder - a versatile and user-friendly binding machine designed for home use and smaller office environments. This compact binding machine efficiently handles various document sizes, producing one full 200-sheet A4 bound document or multiple smaller presentations simultaneously. With its straightforward controls, fast binding cycle time, and audio and visual signals, the T200 ensures a smooth and convenient binding experience.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Thermal Binding:

    The T200 uses heat to bind documents, providing a polished and professional finish.
  • Binding Capacity (70gsm):

    Capable of binding up to 200 sheets in a single cycle, making it ideal for various binding tasks.
  • Max Spine Size:

    Accommodates spines up to 20mm, allowing for the binding of a wide range of document sizes.
  • Audio and Visual 'Cycle Complete' Signals:

    Alerts the user when the binding cycle is complete, ensuring efficient and timely operation.
  • Fast Binding:

    Fixed cycle time of 40 seconds ensures quick and efficient binding.
  • Simple to Operate Controls:

    User-friendly interface allows for easy operation and control of the binding process.
  • Suitable for Home Use:

    The T200 is perfect for home offices and smaller professional environments with moderate binding needs.

Choose the GBC T200 thermal binder for reliable and efficient binding in home offices or smaller professional settings. Its user-friendly features, fast binding cycle time, and professional results make it an indispensable tool for any home office or small professional environment. Enhance the presentation of your documents and reports with the GBC T200 thermal binder.

Category Binding Machines

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