Ideal 2503SC Medium Office Shredder

ZAR 16,499.00 incl. tax*

IDEAL 2503: Streamlined Shredding for Medium Offices

  • Handles Typical Office Workloads:

     Shreds up to 20 sheets at once, 1000 daily.
  • P-2 Security:

     Strip-cut particles (4mm) for internal, non-sensitive documents.
  • Efficient & User-Friendly:

     'EASY SWITCH' controls, auto-features for jams, etc.

H2: Tackles Various Media

  • More Than Just Paper: 

    Handles CDs/DVDs, credit cards, staples.
  • Standard Document Size:

    260mm throat for A4

Why Choose the IDEAL 2503?

  • Focus on its efficiency and ease of use in a medium-sized office setting.

Simplify Your Office Shredding

Protect your data with the IDEAL 2503 – the efficient, easy-to-use medium office shredder. Order yours now!

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* Based on residence in South Africa. Tax rates for other countries will be calculated at the checkout. Price exclusive of tax: ZAR 14,346.96.