JC VISION 85" JCHUB Pro Display with Camera & Mic

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1) Aluminum alloy frame with sandblasted and anodized surface and iron shell back cover for active heat dissipation.
2)4mm physically tempered storm-proof glass; enhanced visual effect and improved touch experience.
3) High-speed 20-point touch writing experience, better roundness and faster writing speed.
5)Use of international standard OPS slot, integrated plug-in design, easy to upgrade and maintain, no external visible computer module connection cable, beautiful body.
6) Front expansion ports: 1 PC-USB, 1 full channel-USB, 1 HDMI input, 1 TOUCH USB to facilitate the use of external devices
7) speaker out of the sound front, to prevent the embedded environment caused by the sound effect deterioration.
8) child lock function, through the setting can be blocked button function.
9)Support gesture pull up menu, menu can quickly adjust the brightness sound, and switch the signal source
10)Front button one key start, can turn on and off the screen and host at the same time, simple and convenient operation
11) Android 8.0 system support, multi-themed system settings at any time to switch, boot LOGO settings customization and other functions
12)The system comes with the functions of screen casting, electronic whiteboard, annotation, etc.

Product functions

TV function*DTV, ATV cable TV viewing function
*USB multimedia file playback function
*Android5.1 embedded system
Touch function*Support 10 points android system, PC device touch operation
* Support gesture image enlargement, reduction, rotation
* Support gesture switching signal source
* Support any signal source channel to use Android gesture touch,
annotation function
*Support any signal source gesture touching switch source, to control
volume, brightness, menu operation
Other features* Support sleep timer switch, shutdown memory channel function
* Support TV remote control function and computer keyboard with F1—F12 function keys and shortcut keys such as Alt+F4, Alt+Tab, Space, Enter, windows, etc., can realize one-button open interactive whiteboard software, PPT up and down page, one-button lock/ Unlock the physical button of the whole machine, one-touch black screen and other functions.
*Support touch menu, realize back button, menu operation, task preview, channel switching, volume adjustment, shortcut whiteboard operation, etc.
*Support to click on any signal source on the main page of the system to preview the image function of the channel
*Support automatic identification of signal sources and switch channels
* Support one-button lock
* Support wireless wifi, wired LAN
*Support front button to switch computer and TV; one button to return to Android home function
*Support standby energy-saving function, need to have touch, remote control, front button, multiple ways to open one-button energy-saving function
* Android system provides a floating shortcut menu in full channel state, which can quickly call out common application functions, provide built-in computer, whiteboard software, one-key projection, timer and other quick access functions. At the same time, users can add application functions by themselves, and the floating shortcut menu can be feel free to drag the display anywhere.

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