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Presenting the Future of Collaboration: The 360° Voice and Facial Tracking AI Camera

Transform your meetings and elevate collaboration with the 360° Voice and Facial Tracking AI Camera. This groundbreaking device is specifically designed to enhance BYOD meetings and improve communication, ensuring seamless compatibility with any PC/Mac and all platforms, allowing everyone to participate with ease.

Key Benefits:

  1. Intelligent tracking: The AI-powered camera boasts 360° voice and facial tracking capabilities, creating engaging and interactive virtual meetings by capturing every participant with clarity.
  2. Exceptional audio quality: Equipped with 8 smart microphones and 3 speakers, the camera ensures crystal-clear audio during meetings, so everyone can be heard and understood.
  3. Universal compatibility: Simply connect the camera to any PC/Mac via USB for compatibility with all platforms, offering maximum flexibility for your team.
  4. Auto-updates and analytics: Benefit from automatic updates, built-in meeting analytics, and comprehensive device control through the Meeting OWL app on any device (PC/Mac/iOS/Android).
  5. Expandable coverage: To accommodate larger spaces or more participants, pair 2 x Meeting Owl units for increased coverage and superior audio-visual quality.
  6. Versatile mounting options: Choose between table or ceiling mounting options for the camera, ensuring optimal positioning and viewing angles.
  7. Peace of mind: Enjoy a 2-year swap warranty with the option of a 3rd-year Owl Care swap warranty for added protection and confidence.

Product Features:

  • 360° voice and facial tracking AI camera
  • 8 x smart microphones
  • 3 x speakers
  • Single 360-degree camera lens
  • Compatible with PC/Mac and all platforms
  • Meeting OWL app for device control
  • Table or ceiling mount options
  • 2-year swap warranty included (3rd-year Owl Care swap warranty optional)

Experience the future of workplace collaboration with the 360° Voice and Facial Tracking AI Camera. Don't compromise on quality – upgrade your meeting experience and enjoy more engaging, productive, and hassle-free video conferences today.

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