NEWLINE Q 98" Interactive Display

ZAR 292,999.00 incl. tax*

The Newline Q Series is the ultimate solution for a customised and high-performance interactive display experience. Whether you need it for work or class, the Q Series will keep up with your pace and enhance your collaboration.

The Q Series features a stunning 98-inch display with a secure and fast Android 11 OS, a curated app store with over 100 compatible tools, and user profiles that let you personalise your settings and home screen. You can also connect any device with ease using plug & play USB-C, Wi-Fi 6, or various ports. Plus, you can enjoy a smooth and natural touch experience with an antimicrobial surface that protects you from germs. The Q Series also supports an optional 4K wide angle camera for video sharing and conferencing.


  • USB Type-C with 65W Power: Streamline your setup with one cable that transfers audio, video, data and power.
  • Antimicrobial Surface: Stay safe and healthy with a display that prevents microbial growth and infection.
  • Secure Android 11 OS with User Profiles: Access your favourite apps and services with confidence and customise your display for different users and needs.
  • Newline App Store: Choose from over 100 fully compatible apps for education and business, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Kahoot, Udemy and more.
  • Better Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6: Enjoy faster and more reliable wireless connection with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Embedded 20W Speakers: Hear every sound clearly with the powerful speaker system that delivers crisp audio quality.
  • Camera Module Capable (optional): Add a flexible 4K wide angle camera that can capture every angle of the room for video sharing and conferencing.
  • Compatible with all Devices: Connect any device to the Q Series via HDMI, VGA, USB or wireless casting.
  • Touch that Inspires & Protects: Write and interact intuitively with object recognition and palm rejection technology on an antimicrobial surface.
  • Collaborative Software: Share content, manage devices and save time with software built for efficient interaction.

Category LED Display

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