NEWLINE Q SERIES 55" Interactive Display

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If you are looking for a high-performance interactive display solution that can meet your needs and preferences, you should check out the Newline Q Series 55" Interactive Whiteboard Display. 

This interactive display is designed to provide you with a fast, smooth, and intuitive touch experience. It allows you to write, draw, annotate, and collaborate with others on a large and clear screen. It also supports various inputs and outputs, such as HDMI, USB, LAN, and OPS. 

The Newline Q Series 55" Interactive Whiteboard Display is more than just a smartboard. It is a digital collaboration hub that can help you work or learn more efficiently and effectively. You can customise the display settings, access your favourite apps, and connect to your cloud accounts with ease. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Newline OS, such as wireless casting, screen recording, and file management. 

Some of the features that make the Newline Q Series 55" Interactive Whiteboard Display stand out are:

- USB Type-C with 65W Power: With plug & play USB-C, you can streamline the setup process to one cable and instant access. You can also transfer audio, video and 65 watts of power with the same cable.
- Antimicrobial Surface: The interactive display has an antimicrobial surface that protects you from harmful bacteria and germs. You can touch the screen with confidence and peace of mind.
- Secure Android 11 OS with User Profiles: The interactive display runs on a secure Android 11 OS that gives you faster performance and better compatibility with cloud services. You can also create user profiles to customise the home screen and settings for individual users or groups.

  • Newline App Store: The interactive display has a curated app store that features 100+ fully compatible tools for education and business. You can access some of your favourite apps like Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Starfall, Kahoot, AP News, Udemy, and more.
  • Better Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6: The interactive display has a reliable Wi-Fi 6 module that provides dedicated wireless connectivity for your devices. You can enjoy faster and smoother wireless communication and collaboration.
  • Embedded 20W Speakers: The interactive display has embedded 20W speakers that deliver clear and powerful sound for your presentations and videos. You can also connect external speakers or headphones if you prefer.
  • Camera Module Capable (optional): The interactive display has an optional camera module that can be upgraded to a flexible 4K camera for video conferencing and sharing. You can also add a mic of your choice to create an all-in-one collaboration solution.
  • Compatible with all Devices: The interactive display is compatible with all devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and PCs. You can connect them via various ports or wireless options.

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