Projector Tripod Screen 1760*1330mm (View: 1710*1280mm - Ratio: 4:3)

ZAR 4,199.00 incl. tax*

Enhance your presentations and movie nights with our versatile Projector Tripod Screen, measuring 1760x1330mm (View: 1710x1280mm - Ratio: 4:3). Designed for both professional and personal use, this high-quality screen delivers a sharp, vibrant display that will enrich any visual experience.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Stand: Tailor the screen height to meet your specific needs with the user-friendly adjustable stand, ensuring optimal viewing for any audience or setting.
  • Keystone Adjustment: The screen hook offers various angle positions, allowing you to make keystone adjustments for a perfectly aligned and distortion-free image.
  • Black Framed Design: The black framed screen is engineered to absorb excess light and create a striking contrast, making your images stand out with vivid colors and crisp details.
  • Black Background: The black background of the screen prevents light penetration, ensuring that your images remain clear and bright even in well-lit environments.
  • Easy Setup and Portability: Quickly and effortlessly set up your screen for any event, and enjoy the convenience of easy transportation with the lightweight tripod design.

Whether you're hosting a business presentation, conducting a seminar, or enjoying a movie night with friends, our Projector Tripod Screen offers the perfect combination of convenience, functionality, and quality. Elevate your visual experiences and make a lasting impression with this essential screen for all your projection needs.

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