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The best binding machines for all your needs

FlexiQ Systems cc is proud to offer you a fantastic range of great quality comb binding machines, wire ring binding machines and thermal binding machines. With our great range in stock, we have something to suit every budget and need.

Everything for the best bind

From standard sizes to custom sizes, we have the perfect comb binding machine or wire ring binder for you. In addition, we have a huge range of accessories to match your needs. Plus, if you want some help with your binding tasks - we'll happily provide you with a FREE consultation on how to get the best results every time!

A range of binding machines

The FlexiQ Systems cc stocks 3 types of binding machine: Plastic Comb Binding Machines, Wire Ring Binding Machines and Thermal Binding Machines. With a wide range of features for each machine, we are certain to have something for everyone's needs.

Thermal binding - in a nutshell...

Thermal binding is perfect for those who want a quick easy way to bind their documents together with no fuss or hassle. It's great if you're on the move or need to bind together your documents quickly.