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Shredder Clearance Deals

We are running a special on Ideal Shredders in August

IDEAL 2445 = R10399
IDEAL 2445CC = R11699
IDEAL 2465 = R11699
IDEAL 2465CC = R12499
IDEAL 2404CC = R6999
IDEAL 2503CC = R15999
IDEAL 2604 = R20999
IDEAL 2604CC = R24999

Price valid until 26 August 2022 - Payment EFT

Types of Security level Shredders

Strip Cut Shredders: Also known as Ribbon cut shredders, this machine is a basic shredding device which can be used to cut non-confidential documents. As this shredder cuts paper vertically in long narrow strips, the shredded documents are fairly readable.

Cross Cut Shredders: These are also known as diamond cut shredders. These machines give a medium level of security and best suitable for cutting confidential papers. It shreds paper diagonally from both corners making it very difficult to read the shreds.

Micro Cut Shredders: These security cut shredders provide high-level of security to the shredded documents. This advanced machine shreds paper into fine particles which makes it partially impossible to read.