Shredder FAQs: All Your Questions Answered

Understanding Your Shredder

Decision-Making Questions

  • Why do I need a paper shredder?
    • Protects private information on bills, bank statements, old documents, and junk mail.
  • How often will I use the shredder?
    • Occasional use (light shredding) vs. frequent (heavy-duty) impacts the size you need.
  • How much security do I require?
    • Basic (strip-cut) for general documents vs. high-security (micro-cut) for sensitive data.
  • What's my budget for a shredder?
    • Prices range from basic, affordable models to high-end commercial ones.
  • What additional features are important to me?
    • Consider noise level, bin size, auto-start/stop, jam protection, CD/card shredding.

Types of Shredders

  • What's the difference between strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredders?
    • Explains the shape of the shreds and how they relate to security levels.
  • Which security level (P-1 to P-7) is right for my needs?
    • Provides a brief guide to security levels and what kind of documents they suit.

Understanding Features

  • What does "sheet capacity" mean?
    • How many sheets of paper the shredder can handle at once.
  • How large of a bin do I need?
    • Frequent shredding = bigger bin to avoid constant emptying.
  • Why are some shredders quieter than others?
    • Explains factors affecting noise and how to find quieter models.

Shredding Capabilities

  • Can I shred credit cards and CDs/DVDs?
    • Some shredders can; it's essential to check specifications.
  • Can I shred staples and paper clips?
    • Most can handle small ones, but it's good to double-check.
  • Can I shred cardboard or junk mail with plastic windows?
    • Infrequent, thin cardboard may be okay; plastic windows are fine.

Practical Usage

  • How do I turn the shredder on and off?
    • Usually a simple power switch, but some have auto-start/stop sensors.
  • Where should I place my shredder for easy access?
    • Discuss convenient locations in a home office or workspace.
  • How often should I empty the shredder bin?
    • When it's full! But regular emptying prevents overload jams.


  • Do I need to oil my paper shredder?
    • Yes, regularly oiling the blades keeps them working smoothly.
  • What type of oil should I use for my shredder?
    • Specific shredder oil is best, available online or at office supply stores.
  • How do I clean the shredder blades?
    • Shredding a sheet lubricated with shredder oil helps remove paper residue.


  • My shredder is jammed, what should I do?
    • Most have a reverse function; for tougher jams, unplug and carefully clear the clog.
  • My shredder runs but won't shred, what's wrong?
    • Possible overfill, overheating, or mechanism issue. Troubleshoot or refer to the manual.

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