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Do you have to send your shipment somewhere else for repair? If this is done correctly, you can guarantee a smooth journey and low customs fees.

The clearance method of choosing Repair and Return (R&R) enables

goods to be repaired abroad and then reimported into the country duty-free (not VAT-free). It makes sense that since tariffs were paid upon the products' initial import, they cannot be applied to the same commodities again.

Importers can bring in refurbished (or supposedly used) products without obtaining an import permission.

In order for the station and gateway to retain the shipment for further processing when the items are shipped internationally, the sender must mark the waybill as an R&R shipment. It suffices to write Repair and Return in the item description. Additionally, the shipper is required to precisely identify the item that needs R&R and include the item's serial number on the commercial invoice. Customs may want to conduct additional inspections and delays are possible if a cargo cannot be verified as the same item leaving as entering. Engraving your object is a useful approach to enable identification if it lacks a serial number.

The serial number is entered on a DA65 Customs form after the export has been processed. Once it has been stamped, Customs retains a duplicate of the document and gives another to DHL so that it may be provided when the items are re-imported.

When an item is reimported after repair, the business invoice must make this distinction very obvious. This condition is even more crucial if the item is one of several new imports. The reimported item is cleared in a certain way that enables the rebate (or waiver) of the duty that would have been due on the purchase. The package will be stopped by customs for a physical examination (this is a required step that will delay clearance), and during this step, the serial number declared on the DA65 is compared with the reimported product. The items are given to the importer if everything is in order.

Documents needed to clear the reimported product(s):

Export Bill of Entry SAD500 (duly endorsed with the MRN number)

a duplicate of the export AWB

a copy of the export commercial invoice

ORIGINAL DA65 properly stamped/attested by Customs.

In some cases, it might not be feasible financially to repair the goods that were submitted to the provider for repair. According to the warranty agreement, the supplier may decide to deliver a replacement item rather than attempt to fix the defective one. The following papers are needed in order to be eligible for a duty rebate on replacement goods:

Export Bill of Entry SAD 500 (duly endorsed with the MRN number)

a duplicate of the export AWB

a copy of the export commercial invoice

a copy of the warranty agreement with the replacement clause clearly indicated

In the absence of the aforementioned, full duties will be charged on the substitute items. For additional verification, Customs may halt, detain, or examine this kind of clearance.

If the shipper charged the importer for the repairs made, then duties are only due to the cost of the repairs and not the entire value of the item.

The major problem with R&R shipments is that the serial numbers do not match or the invoices are not detailed or clear enough to say that the importation is a Repair and Return. Many times, the centers are unable to recognize an R&R package, and these end up being exported from the nation without first going through the necessary export procedures to get a DA65.

Please bear in mind that the outbound leg and return leg will need to be paid for as separate shipments when seeking a quote to send your product out and have it returned. Each leg's pricing could vary.



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